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Fable: The Journey's Moving Finale

By Tom Mc Shea, Editor 

Warning: This editorial contains massive spoilers pertaining to the ending to Fable: The Journey.

I finally understand the Kinect's enormous potential. In the waning moments of Fable: The Journey, I needed to make a choice that I had been dreading since this game was first announced. Would I be able to accept my role as hero and step through the light with Theresa, knowing that doing so would doom my loyal horse to death? It's an incredibly heart-wrenching decision, one I fought against as hard as I could, but when the moment came, there was nothing I could do. The fate of the world hinged on my decision, so I had to turn my back on Seren, and live with the knowledge that I had dragged her along on a quest in which she could not possibly survive to see the outcome.

A horse in need is a horse indeed.
Before you understand how gut-wrenching this moment was, you need to know how this relationship formed during the course of our adventure. Every action in Fable: The Journey is controlled with the Kinect, and the hands-on approach to character building helped mold the feelings that developed along the way. Seren and Gabriel, the would-be hero whom you control, have been inseparable since young Gabriel was a toddler. Their bond had been cemented years ago, but my connection developed during the course of the game. 

The most obvious bonding moments occurred whenever Seren suffered an injury. Hobbes and other enemies ambushed us while traveling along the road, and they have no sympathy for innocent animals such as Seren. So they planted explosive barrels and wooden barriers in the road to upset her gallop, and fired arrows down from the safety of their overheard perches. She whinnied with distress when these weapons made contact with her, but I pushed her onward, and she obediently complied with my wishes because she had absolute trust in me, even when her life was in danger. 

After the escape, I searched for a quiet resting place along the road. Once stopped, I examined just how much punishment Seren had taken from those nasty creatures. Sometimes, she would rise on her hind legs, kicking her hooves wildly in the air, because an arrow shaft was lodged in her hide. By waving my arms and uttering soothing words, I eased her distress and then slowly removed the arrow from her side. Other times, I'd rest my hands on her open wounds to knit them tight. She would neigh affectionately after I fixed her up, clearly grateful for my efforts, and she might even nuzzle my arm. Seeing her respond to my actions was uplifting, so I did as much as I could at every rest stop. Sometimes, I would just brush the dirt from her hide or feed her an apple, and these simple actions helped strengthen the bond between us. 

Source: asia.gamespot

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