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Smokers, Here’s How You Can Save Money – Without Quitting!

Electronic cigarettes synthesize the feeling of smoking, but with one key difference: they have no carcinogens, carbon monoxide, or tar.  While these devices still contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance, they can help you save money and keep your body healthy.  Don’t believe me?  Read on, internet surfers.

The Electronic Cigarette Smokers, Heres How You Can Save Money   Without Quitting!

How can e-cigarettes save you money?  While they do cost a hefty amount when compared to an individual pack of cigarettes, $50 for a good one, think of how much money you spend per day.  Some smokers buy three packs daily, and a pack of cigarettes can cost over $10!  Buying an electronic cigarette will start saving you money in under a week. Impressive?  Keep reading, my friends.

In addition to saving you money in terms of purchasing cigarettes, the e cigarette will allow you to classify yourself as someone who does not smoke. Why is this beneficial?  Your insurance rates will drop like a rock when you do not smoke, since active smokers experience more health problems than inactive smokers.  Getting a lower health insurance rate is another thing that e-cigarettes can do for you.

Better finances are not the only benefit of using the electronic cigarette. Your body can not handle years of carcinogens and carbon monoxide without the poisons taking their toll.  E-cigarettes are completely toxin-free, allowing you to live a healthier and longer life.  Furthermore, electronic cigarettes eliminate that distasteful “smoke smell” from your house, car, and body.  How?  E-cigarettes produce water vapor, which is harmless, tasteless, and odorless.

Yet another benefit to electronic cigarettes is that they do not use fire.  (I used to think that fire made everything better, but now I know that fire makes everything except smoking better.  Non fumar, folks, non fumar.)  Without fire, smoking a cigarette is much less dangerous for you and your fancy carpet.  With e-cigarettes, you won’t be able to burn yourself, no matter how much you fail at inhaling and exhaling!  Also, you won’t be able to dirty your wonderful carpet with ash and will no longer need to advertise to others that you smoke by having an ashtray at the ready.

Now that you’re convinced of an electronic cigarette’s usefulness, you’re looking to buy one. Before making your selection, consider whether you want a plain, simple two piece electronic cigarette, where you can screw a cartridge into a battery, or a more complex three part one which requires filling with e-juice. If you are not sure, check out the e-cigarette forums for tonnes of helpful advice from dedicated vapers!

Author Bio: Jack Kieffer is a content producer for E Cigarette Direct, the UK retailer of the Halo electronic cigarette.

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Australia: Home Security Tips For Shopping Online

If you shop online Australia is a great place to do so. Our government security agencies are highly effective and amongst the most efficient in the world at dealing with online crime. However it of course helps if we take steps to ensure that we do not expose ourselves to unnecessary risks when we shop online as there is not always authoritative recourse when our money goes missing or our details get stolen. With that in mind we decided to put together a list of ways you can protect your computer at home beyond simple safe browsing habits.

Online Shopping Security Tips Australia: Home Security Tips For Shopping Online

Firstly anti-virus software is an absolute must as it will help detect potential worry sites and the existence of malware or spyware on your computer that could cause the information you enter online to be transmitted to third parties. Spy ware works by recording information you enter online and the sites you enter on it. This means it can potentially compromise your details even if you are using a secure form of online payment and an encrypted site for your shopping. This kind of spy ware is most often found in downloads (not just illegal but also freeware and a variety of other mediums) but increasingly is also added simply by clicking advertisements and dodgy links which can allow a brief window of access to your home system. Regularly scanning downloads and your computer for this kind of tampering is the number one preventative method for avoiding your details being stolen. Always be wary of offered downloads and scan before install. If a site requires you to install new software or upgrade your existing software go through the official sites rather than directly downloading from the location you are currently at. This will keep you as safe as possible. If you detect a virus refrain from visiting any sites which require personal details or passwords such as Facebook, PayPal etc.

Secondly check your firewall. Having a firewall in place and linked to your security software will block most computer attacks designed at installing spyware or simply stealing your details. Having your firewall disabled is basically opening the door for anyone with technical skills to hijack your computer for their own ends. Check in your computers settings that firewall is enabled and functioning. If any program then tries to access your system or install/update software you will be notified and authorization requested. If you are not sure an update is legitimate head to the company page and check there.

Thirdly update regularly. This applies to a broad range of things that can potentially open you up to having your details stolen. First off we know that updates can be a pain and you often simply ignore them but certain updates are essential to maintaining your home security. Firstly system updates are something not to be avoided. Your system will usually notify you when it needs updating and it is recommended that you do this straight away. System updates often fix security problems and increase protection as well as adapting to recently discovered viruses meaning your home system will be more secure after most updates. Secondly your security software itself; whilst many automatically update many require you to update manually (although they usually notify you when an update is available). Viruses and spyware often spreads incredibly quickly so it is advisable to update as often as you can and re-scan your computer after each update.  Thirdly update your browser when it is offered as new browsers often come with increased security updates meaning your information is less likely to be leaked.

Finally regularly schedule all updates and regularly clear your browsing history and cookies as these can be stolen if an attack takes place. If you think your computer has become infected search for a remedy online and if not take it to a professional for fixing.

Author Bio: Steve writes about online shopping in Australia, in addition to using portals such as ShopAndEarn where you can earn rewards for items purchased online.

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All it takes is one cable to connect your TV to your other audio and video sources. Our HDMI slot allows you to import all kinds of content without compression including pictures and videos from your digital camcorders and multimedia PCs. Now enjoying it all on a wide HD screen couldn't be easier.

Infinite entertainment with Internet@TV.

 Infinite entertainment with Internet@TV.
Samsung’s exclusive Internet@TV technology opens up more worlds than you can possibly imagine. And puts it all on large and brilliant screen. Effortlessly connecting to the Internet, it lets enjoy all the brilliant content the Web has to offer. Enhancing, enriching and easy, you can organize, add and delete content via its Samsung Applications library. Many models even allow you to make Internet video calls, so you’re not only connected to your videos, you’re connected to your people. Immerse yourself in the infinite options.

Ultimate reality with Samsung 3D

 Ultimate reality with Samsung 3D
There’s only one way to experience 3D when you’re not in a theater. And that’s the Samsung 3D TV. It offers the ultimate immersive viewing experience by liberating content from the flat confines of the TV and turning it into explosive imagery. The effect is breathtaking–life-enriching, ultra-real picture quality that rivals the cinema–imported into your own living room. Samsung innovation has even made it possible to convert your favorite 2D movies to 3D. Because a Samsung 3D TV demands your attention, no matter what’s on.

Samsung’s new 27-inch 3D LED Monitor

Samsung Philippines showcased a number of their new monitors earlier today, including this 27″ 3D LED Monitor (S27950D) that comes with matching glasses.
And it’s got some pretty stylish design and curves too. This should let you watch 3D movies or play 3D games from your PC.
Samsung S27A950D
27″ LED display @ 1920 x 1080 pixels
Real 120Hz / 2ms (GTG) response time
Display port
2 x HDMI port
DVI port
1000:1 contrast ratio
300 cd/m2, Mega DCR

Suggested retail price is Php31,990 and is available now in stores. I know, quite expensive for a monitor but I guess it’s still got a niche market out there. Besides, I think this is the first 3D monitor of this size available locally so we can’t really compare. 

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Meridian goes iPad, La Salle picks Galaxy Tab

Sat down with the rep of Sybase this afternoon and talked about their enterprise and mobile solutions. The person then mentioned they’re doing a tablet project with Samsung to deliver tablet solution for La Salle’s grade school students.

I’m also set to guest on News to Go with Howie Severino tomorrow morning to do a tablet round-up (Playbook, Transformer, Iconia, iPad, Streak, Galaxy Tab in tow) after they feature Meridian College using Apple iPads for all their students to use in the classroom.

Here’s what I got form their FB page though:

We’re extremely happy to announce for the pioneering MINT College Class of 2015 that your iPad 2s are here!!! Despite the worldwide shortage of this popular device, we have them and now they’re yours. They will be available for pickup on Wednesday, June 22 at the MINT Playhouse. And as an added bonus, we are including an exclusive Paqrat Slingbag for your iPads. The future of education is here – only at MINT.

Don’t know much about Meridian College’s plans (just watch that feature tomorrow to learn more about it) but my chat with the Sybase guy ended with the note that they’re the ones providing the back-end delivery system and content management for the tablet program.

Jun Lozada’s name also came up but that’s not a surprise anymore (remember our The St. Paul Android Tablet per Student Project story back in December 2010).

Back then, the thought of using tablets as a teaching tool in the classroom seemed impractical and expensive. This year, it all seems to be the fad already — good way to attract enrollees too! 

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Icon7 Twister Evolution: Mouse & Presenter

This is the second time we’ve encountered the Icon7 brand (we were given the Icon7 Z500 gaming mouse before). This time, they sent us the Icon7 Twister Revolution — a laser presenter and mouse, all in one pocket-sized device.
The Twister Evolution is not your typical laptop mouse. It’s primarily a wireless laser presenter that doubles as a pocket mouse. So unless you’re in sales or marketing/PR, or do a lot of presentation on a regular basis, I don’t think this might really appeal to you.
Icon7 Twister
Laser 1200 dpi resolution
2.4GHz, USB 1.1 or above
3 mouse buttons
6 presenter buttons
The device comes with a small bluetooth receiver hidden at the bottom end and plugs right into your PC or laptop. Once you twist the device around in the middle, the mouse features are automatically activated and connected to the sensor.
Twist it back again and you activate the wireless presenter. The design actually reminded me of the MS Arc Mouse, though with much less flair but more functionality.
Usage is pretty much straight-forward but it comes with a manual and CD installer for Windows, just in case you want to configure the mouse sensitivity or set custom button functions.
Everything else is practically plug-and-play.
The Icon7 Twister Evolution is being distributed by AsianTech nationwide and will retail for about Php4,500 when it hits the stores. 

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Globe nabs BB Playbook, might arrive this month

We just got our review unit of the BlackBerry Playbook today and we got word that Globe has taken lead on the release of the tablet in the Philippines with a possible launch date later this month or early next month.

What we are not sure is if it’s going to be exclusive to Globe. It certainly will not be locked considering there’s no SIM module on the Playbook.

I guess Globe’s strong partnership with RIM and its massive BlackBerry subscriber-base in the country makes it an ideal marketing strategy to offer the tablet with a plan or as a bundle with a new Blackberry phone.

What we are sure is that Globe will be the one who will announce the availability of the BlackBerry Playbook in the Philippines. Since the review units are already here, I reckon it will be 3 to 4 weeks ’til we get to the release date.

Will post more details on launch date and pricing once we get them. Expect our full review of the Playbook in a week or two. 

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In the Clouds – the Samsung Galaxy S II

Does the ever increasing ubiquity of the cloud mean that people will migrate from the desktop and laptop computers to smartphones and tablets?
Certainly more smartphones are making increasing use of the cloud, and a perfect example of this is the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S II which makes full use of cloud services.

Cloud computing is the current innovation in internet applications. Ultimately, everything to do with computing will be available as a service rather than an isolated installation on your smartphone or computer.
When we think of the cloud, we thing of all the hardware, all the networks, all the memory storage, all the services and all the interfaces that combine seamlessly to deliver a total computing service when and where we want it. Naturally there are different forms of cloud computing. Clouds can be public as in accessible to everyone, and private, accessible to only certain organisations.
Google is a major innovator of the cloud so it is not surprising that smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system are particularly adept at making full use of it.
However, over the years we have become used to having all those important applications such as office type software, music and video files, and our personal data stored on our own private computer. Are we ready to abandon all that and rely on service providers to deliver reliable services 24/7 and to take care of our personal data which has been uploaded to the cloud?
What happens if the network goes down? Does that mean we will lose the ability to access our data and to work on it using our office software? Will we need to carry local backups? If we do then this will deprecate many of the benefits of the cloud in the same way that building back-up power stations reduce many of the benefits of wind farms.
Currently there are many more questions than totally believable answers, but if the difficulties of the cloud can be overcome, and we are convinced that eventually they will be, then our computing future will certainly end up being in the clouds.
If you are looking for mobile phone deals visit

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Cherry Mobile Tryo Q60 at 50% Anniversary Sale

Just had a very long chat with the reps from Cherry Mobile this afternoon and learned that the company is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary on July 16 (feels like the company’s been around like forever due to their massive growth).

In celebration of their anniversary, Cherry Mobile is doing a nationwide sale of the Cherry Mobile Tryo Q60 at 50% off — their latest triple SIM phone with built-in TV tuner.

Cherry Mobile Tryo Q60
Triple SIM / Triple Standby
Mobile TV with Recording
QWERTY keypad
Dual Camera with 2.0MP Main
SLIM Form Factor
Multimedia Player
3.5mm Headset Compatible
FM Radio
Java / Built in Games
Micro SD Card 8GB

The Cherry Mobile Tryo has a suggested retail price of PhpPhp4,999 so the sale price of 50% is just Php2,499. The sale will happen on July 16 in selected stores nationwide (it’s Market Market in Metro Manila but we’ll update the list when we get it). 

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